Drina Regatta

Drina Regatta

Drina Regatta

Drina Regatta is the oldest manifestation with touristic – recreational character on the Drina River, which, for more than two decades organize S.T.C. „Bajina Basta“ and the Municipality of Bajina Basta to commemorate the old tradition of the Drina rafters. Drinska regata®  is the central tourist – recreational event that aims to present the touristic offer of this region. This manifestation is the most visited event in Western Serbia and it present central summer event on the water in the region. Every year this event on the Drina river, with various contents, attracting thousands of visitors from country and abroad.

Drina Regatta

Drina Regatta has been a favorite summer destination for many public figures who are rafting on the river on the „VIP raft.“ Besides  “ VIP raft “ on the regatta are also sailing a few wooden rafts made like the original model of the old Drina rafters, who sailed on the trunks of felled tree from Tara mountain. Couple of boats with trumpeters traditionally follows several kilometers long line of Regatta rafters and gives rhythm to it. In addition to numerous other events and activities as an integral part of the event is a big music festival “Most Fest”, where every year the most popular musician artists performs from all around the region. So far, the music festival main stars was: Atomsko Sklonište, Crvena Jabuka, Vlado Georgiev, Toni Cetinski, Riblja Čorba, JU Grupa, Plavi orkestar, Zabranjeno pušenje  and many others. Beside music festival “Most fest”  on the Drina Regatta event there are other musical programs in the first days of the event, organized by the Sport turstic center of Bajina Bašta, which gathers a large number of visitors.

The objectives of the event:

  • The main objective of the event is the development and promotion of touristic activities in Bajina Bašta
  • Promotion of touristic offer of mountain Tara, river Drina and municipality of Bajina Bašta, as an integral part of the touristic offer of Serbia, as well as the intensification of the existing offer by introducing new content.
  • Bajina Bašta have various possibilities for development of touristic potential, which make Tara mountain, river Drina, Perućac Lake and Zaovine, Rača monastery … A unique offer developed through numerous educational and sport – recreational activities, promoting the idea of an active holiday in a healthy environment, what is the world trend.
  • Drinska regata® aims to promote tourism and to inform the general public and visitors with a unique touristic offer of Bajina Bašta, the National Park Tara and Drina River. This event provides a significant contribution to the development of the local economy, trade and services and the employment of citizens of Bajina Bašta and area, at the peak of the touristic season and throughout the year.

Drina Regatta Serbia Drina Regatta Serbia Drina Regatta Serbia

Source: Tourism Info Center Bajina Basta


Exit Festival Novi Sad

EXIT is the biggest music festival in South Eastern Europe. EXIT has taken place at a beautiful and magical fortress in Novi Sad, since 2001. Year after year the number of visitors is getting bigger; young people come from different parts of the country and Europe. Apart from quality music program that it offers, the festival is a place of wild fun, and you can enjoy the cool atmosphere of the fortress and the positive energy of the city.

EXIT Festival is one of the most diverse and most famous music festivals in Europe. For the last 15 years it has been drawing huge international stars and enormous crowds, for one of the real highlights of the summer festival season.

Located in the stunning Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, EXIT has long been established as a world heavyweight, with its lineups bringing in the biggest stars of rock, pop and EDM year after year.

With a recent alumni that includes Guns N’ Roses, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Hardwell, Avicii, Martin Garrix and a whole load more, it’s easy to see how EXIT’s reputation continues to dominate the festival scene.


Exit Village is by far the most popular gathering place for Exit visitors, both domestic and foreign, the place where party never ends. People from all over the world, always ready to make more friends, sleeping in tents, non-stop music, all this and more makes our village unique and irreplaceable festival experience, longed for even by the residents, for whom Exit is a neighbor from the fortress.

The price of the camp wristband, more popular as the ticket for nine-day-non-stop-Exit party is cca 25 EUR, no matter how many days you choose to stay in the village. The Village opens on Monday, July 9, and closes on July 18. You can buy your Exit Village tickets at the reception.
Website: www.exitfest.org

Atmosphere_at_Petrovaradin_fortress,_Exit exit exit-Novi-Sad petrovaradin



Nušićijada is the festival which was held in Ivanjica from 1968 to 1972 by Ivanjica Cultural Centre. It was a comedy film festival, lasted 6 days, held in the first week of September and attracted the cultural world of the former Yugoslavia. It is remembered by cultural events, a good atmosphere, afanas and jokes, because it was a “feast of humor and joy.”

The desire for a renewal of this festival in Ivanjica existed since it was extinguished. In order to launch Nušićijada again, group of young people in April 2008 launched a petition and in less than a month collected 3,797 signatures, which is more than 10% of the total population of the municipality. Later, the initiators of this action formed the association, under the name KUDES – initiatives for cultural decentralization of Serbia.

In October 2009 Ivanjica Municipal Assembly passed a decision on the renewal of the festival, the festival organization working partnership consisted of Municipality Ivanjica, Ivanjica Culture Centre, Tourist organization of Ivanjica and association KUDES.

The main objectives of the festival are enriching the cultural life of the community, its activation, activation of young and talented people of the municipality and the region and improvement of tourist offer of the municipality, the region and the entire country.

The new festival model is established after months of testing and research of archives Nušićijada through its witness to the desire of the citizens of current and objective possibilities and needs. It contains everything that old Nušićijada had, which is still attractive and feasible, but also many new facilities that complement the festival program. In creating the program it was important to be for all ages and a collage festival model proved to be very successful.

Six refurbished Nušićijada festivals, which have so far held, have achieved remarkable success. As combining numerous cultural events: music concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, film screenings, and more content such as educational programs for young people, street dance performances and various exhibitions. The new festival has retained its old characteristics as an actor in the role of Branislav Nusic (that’s why name Nusicijada), football matches and colorful parade so Ivanjica bazaar and its citizens in the three days of the festival take on the appearance of the late 19th and early 20th century.

This summer, Nusicijada will be held from 26-28th August.

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Source: nusicijada.rs

Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest 

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Belgrade Beer Fest™ was founded in year 2003. In thirteen years of its existence over 7.2 million visitors could have seen more than 570 music performances, tasted more than 300 beer brands and participated in numerous social campaigns.

The festival has received numerous awards. One of them is the recommendation of the British newspaper “The Independent”, which ranked Belgrade Beer Fest™ in year 2005, among 20 world events that must be visited. Professor Dennis Wilcox, in his book, “PR Strategies and Tactics” which is being used in over 350 universities around the globe, stated Belgrade Beer Fest™ as a positive example of marketing and PR campaign. With regard to large social campaign “I choose to recycle”, whose aims were the strengthening of the environmental awareness of citizens and the purchasing of recycling containers for Belgrade schools, marketing magazine “Taboo” awarded the Festival as the marketing event of the year 2009.

Owing to all the mentioned, Belgrade Beer Fest™ established itself as one of the most important segments of the tourist offer of Serbia, as well as a brand that promotes our country and strengthens its image.

The award “Best of Serbia” that the Festival got for 2014 edition is the best proof of that.

Action “Best of Serbia” has been oganized, since 2004, by Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and daily economic newspaper “Privredni pregled”, with the goal to promote the most successful brands on the Serbian market.

Source: belgradebeerfest.com