Cheerful regata 2017

Cheerful regata on the Ibar river will be organized on the 2nd July 2017. for the 28th time!
Cheerful regata (Veseli spust) is the oldest and most exciting rafting in Serbia. It goes from the medieval city Maglič to the city ofKraljevo, 25 km through the Ibarriver, with over 10.000 enthusiastic rafters participating in the most cheerful parade on Serbian waters!

Thousands of enthusiastic people on the river, euphoria, trumpeters, barbecue, songs and positive energy on the most imaginative boats made of wood, bottles, Styrofoam, car tires – these are the main features of this very traditional event on the water. Veselispust is an event to which you plan going in advance, for which you impatiently wait and in which you proudly take part. The number of participants is bigger and bigger every year!

It’s normal that more than 10.000 people take part in VeseliSpust and it’s going to be held whether it’s sunny with 40ºC or rainy outside. In Mataruškabanja, a lunch for all participants will be organized. Since 2012, Serbia4Youth takes young people from all over Serbia and abroad to have the best fun on Serbian waters.

In the evening of Veselispust, Kraljevo turns into a big stage where parties take place on every corner, at coffee places, gardens, clubs, by the river… In that weekend, Kraljevo doesn’t sleep!  You’ll see why! 😉


Sunday 2mnd July 2017
06:00 Gathering in Street IV Kraljevacki bataljon, in fron of the Kayak club, packing of equipment (boats) in tracks, geting into buses
07:00 Transportation to Maglic (start point of regata)
08:00 Start of the 27th Cheerful regata
09:30 Bogutovac – first break
11:00 Golden beach – second break
13:30 Mataruška spa – lunch
15:00 Continuation of regata
16:30 Arival in Kraljevo (finish)

Old city of Maglič

The city is located on the right side of the Ibar, on the top of a steep mountain. One of the theories says it was created in the 13th century, but many authors state that it comes from earlier than that.

Its stone walls are 2meterswide and, in total, 270 meters long.

The main dungeon tower is 20 meters tall and the other 7 towers are 12 meters tall. In the courtyard are located some ruins of the St. George church, of the palace of the Archbishop Danilo II, who founded a monastic school there. The fortress has also a militar character: it served as a protective barrier to the Ziče monastery and to the whole valley for centuries.