Serbia – land coloured with life

Serbia – land coloured with life

Young couple from Poland, Malwina i Michal Kolatek, who are pasioned travelers, published beautifful video about Serbia in HD resolution.

They discover that they fell in love with Serbia before the visit:

– When we read the article about the “37 reasons why you should never go to Serbia“, along with breathtaking photos, we were totally “freaking out”. Wow! Is it really Serbia? Is there really that nice? We realized that we do not know much about country. And then we get the incentive. At that point we decided that we had to visit Serbia  – says this young couple from Polish and adds:

– For 14 days, we repositioned in a different world. The world in which the main role played people we met at every step as we worked on the set of the video. They gave us something really valuable, something that is nowadays difficult to find – a dose of sincere, genuine emotion. They opened their warm hearts without expecting anything in return. One thing is certain about this country. You can not deny the authenticity of Serbia, and we hope that it will remain so as long as possible – revealing that capture was not easy:

– The project “Serbia – Land coloured with life” video is recorded using different techniques of cinema. We have invested a lot of love into it, working from morning to night, sweating, going beyond the limits of our endurance and learning to be patient and persistent.

But when you watch this video, you will conclude that the efforts of the two Polish tourists have paid off! Enjoy and welcome to Serbia.