Uvac canyon and meanders

Nature of the Zlatar mountain and Uvac lakes and meandres has said ”no“ to the civilization which litters and destroys. The air here is beneficial, forests are powerful and fragrant, waters are crystal clear and sceneries endless. Griffon vulture, a bird which will not enter polluted areas, flies the sky over the Zlatar mountain. Human heart beats calmer in this golden mountain; here it finds the cure and recovery. This mountain is the place where our grandmas’ dishes are prepared and where people sing in a full voice to make it echo in the vast space. As a rule, only originals are to be found in Zlatar, no copies whatsoever.

There are nice hotels here as well as various contents, tourism has a long tradition. The miraculous Uvac Canyon, with its one-of-a-kind river meanders and griffon vulture, the king of the sky, flying above, definitely attracts the attention of visitors. Construction of a dam on the Uvac has created the lakes of Uvac, Zlatar and Radoinje, 63 kilometers long in total. You can freshen up swimming in these lakes or cross them in a boat or taste trout from these lakes. The attraction is Cave Bukovik as well as the Ušac Cave System, the longest one in this country.